Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My novel!

Life has kept me very busy lately! But never fear! I have been working on my novel. I posted the first little chapters on figment.com if you're on there. I'm typing away as much as I can in-between my job at work. Here is the basic summary:

"A witch performs her coming of age ceremony and ends up with way more than she bargained for
Coming of Age Witch Amy has to summon her very first familiar to become an adult member of her mother's coven. What she gets instead is something way in left field and she's scrambling to convince her mother and the rest of the coven she doesn't practice black magic and find a way to free her familiar"

I've written maybe 4 chapters altogether and I don't expect it to be anywhere near completion this year but I guess we will have to see. :) I'm pretty excited about it but I don't want to let my head grow until it's done (haha)

Any opinions/critiques on the summary? 


  1. I will have to get over and take a look at Figment. No time, today, though. Now, I just have to remember to it :/

  2. It's worth while depending on how much time/effort you yourself put into it! :)

  3. Your time and effort is worth it! Good luck! I hope you'll be able to publish something :)