Saturday, December 11, 2010

First Post

My pen name for all intensive purposes on here is Vanora. I'd rather not give my real name out at the moment. I've made this journal for a multitude of purposes. My thoughts (obviously) and to blog my daily life, other musings and talk about my on-going writings.

I'm looking for friends, and networking in the field of beta-readers, editors, novelists, publishers, agents ect. Do I believe my work top notch? No. Do I think I am the next best seller? No. I fully realize I will need to edit edit edit and polish my novels before I even THINK about submitting them so I'm not one of those idiots who is going to just mail my manuscript to just anyone with a query letter attached saying "OMG please read my novel its the best".

My general interests aside from writing are reading ( variety of genres included but not limited to fantasy, mystery, crime, paranormal, romance), knitting, editing AMV videos, movies, exercising ect.

Right now I'm serving full time in the service, married with one child whom I love very much. 

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