Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yes a second post... :/

Right now I'm working on editing a novel I wrote and it seems to be a painstakingly slow process. Which is good I guess because I'd rather it take forever and come out 'decent' then rush through it with a million mistakes/plot holes left over. it's only 74 pages (on Microsoft Word that is) but it's only a rough draft so I know I shouldn't feel so crappy about it. The little tidbits I've shared with people have told me it's good but when you don't write anything looks good right? I hope to get Rough Draft 1.5 edited soon so I ca start all over again tweaking it until I am satisfied.

:D I just had to update and add this in here. Thanks Heart_Failure for the shameless plug in of my new blog! <3 Everyone needs to follow her as well she's the next Patricia Cornwell I swear! 

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