Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Rose, before I go I just wanna tell you — you were fantastic...absolutely fantastic...and d'you know what? So was I!"

Finally started on the 10th Doctor. It's about time, only took me 4 years! I only watched EP 1 so I'm not sure how I like 10 yet but I know I miss 9. Everyone that watches Dr. Who tells me how much they hated 9 because he was so grumpy, remorseful , 'emo'. I really liked him :). I will say this prematurely; I'm now an avid 9/Rose shipper. I haven't seen 10/Rose in action yet but so far this is the ship I like :D

I'm on leave now for the next 2 weeks; going to enjoy family time, time with my sons and time with wonderful friends. Catch up on some cleaning, writing, reading and general laziness.

I've been pushing myself on this novel I'm writing. Days I'm drawing a blank I've been forcing myself to just write whatever make it up I'll cut it out later. It's weird how when you have the idea how amazing it sounds but when you start writing you feel it's really dumb :/


  1. Just ignore the feeling that something you wrote is dumb. Thinking that something is dumb is the best way to kill an idea you have.

    It may be done, but that is not of any concern to you until you finish your work in progress. At that point, you hunt for the dumb bits and get rid of them.


  2. I myself am, an avid Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose and Amy/Eleven shipper. You'll see more of this as time goes on with the doctor and his companions. Ten and Rose just will have this amazing chemistry and its so heartbreaking the way she yells at him because Nine is gone. ;~; Really. Its an amazing show that only gets better.

  3. Misha- thanks for that :) I'm always my worst critic when it comes to whatever I do I'll keep on pushing through

    Heart- Ahhh :( Don't tell me that lol.