Friday, January 7, 2011

Dr Who, My son, Work

Just finished watching this 2 part episode: Silence in the Library

So far - Not a big fan of Song. Not sure yet if she pops back up in the series (I didn't want to google it and spoil it for myself) so we will see if she redeems herself.

In other news my son has discovered he has feet! And toes! And socks! he is constantly bending himself practically in half (which sort of scares me) in order to grab them and then he doesn't let go. He also loves to take his binky out, and then gets mad when he can't figure out what the hell happened. He takes it out, cries and gets mad tries to put it back in his mouth gives up and ends up chewing on the plastic piece >_<. It's like stop taking it out and getting mad at yourself. lol. He is getting so big already it's hard to believe he's going to be 5 months this month O_O AHHH

I go back to work Tuesday; not looking forward to that at all. I'm tired of working in an environment where I am constantly hounded, and put down. Nothing is good enough. I bust my hump there and I know you shouldn't get praised for doing your job but what about doing it well? I do everything asked and more. All I get is negativity from the civilian boss. For everything we do right she searches hard to find 5-6 things we did wrong. The moral in my office is very very low. We are all miserable. I just get so depressed thinking about work and being at work. I really just want out of there. Hopefully this paperwork thing goes through on the military side soon so I can get orders out of here.