Sunday, January 30, 2011

Duty Day :/

I know I haven't updated on here in a few days. I've been busy sleeping, hating work, exercising and taking care of my son. Started reading:

I'm only on Chapter 5; not much has happened but I hear so much about this book so I wanted to see for myself. I really wanted to buy Karie Marie Moning's new book Shadowfever the final installment in her Fever series but it's only in hardcover right now. Granted I want the hardcover eventually but I want it in softcover first because it's cheaper and money doesn't grow on trees. I've been knitting a lot lately ignoring all of my writing. I needed an mental break from beating words out of my head. Today I finally started back on editting my Nanowrimo novel from last year o-o. I know it was like....two months ago but my book was pissing me off so a little space was in order. Looking back on my writing I'm completely horrified but I'm trying to stick with it and edit the whole thing this year in small amounts. What I really want/need to write is the YA novel I started a month ago and haven't done too much with. Still trying to get to that point B. Usually I am a pantser when it comes to writing because I don't want to outline all the fun out of my story so I'm torn between writing an outline and saying screw it write whatever comes to mind. :/

In other news I have a very large and serious decision to make here regarding my career. It can go one of two ways. One will drastically change my career but not too much, the other will drastically change my career and my life as well as my husband's and son. What it boils down to is a decision between being happy in my work, and providing for my family. I hate these types of decisions.

I need to stop procrastinating and work on my editing....

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