Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Really hurt the next day. Especially after the hour work out I just did. I haven't really been following the challenge (sad face) But I have been working out 3-4 days a week and considering I am just jumping back into the exercise world again I can only do so much.

I did Kim's workouts again. I can see a difference not in my body yet but I can see a difference in my endurance. I'm less out of breath ( a little) and I can feel the burn, feel the muscles lengthening it really feels good. I'm considering buying her actual workout DVD's for me at home. The thrifty side of me scoffs at the idea of buying workout DVDs when there are plenty of free ones OnDemand with my cable company. I think the DVDs would be worth it in the long run because we are considering cutting our cable anyhow. We are trying a month membership to Netflix which if we subscribed to with our Cox internet would save us over 60 bucks a month. Right now I'm all about thrifty, saving, what-have-you.

Goal for this week: Drink more water!

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