Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mistake? Time will tell.

Earlier I put in my intent to separate from the military at the end of my contract. Almost everyone I have talked to thinks I am absolutely crazy. They all assume ( and we all know what they say about assuming) I'm getting out with no plans, no direction just " bye military see you later what am I going to do for money? Oh I don't know something".  I have a plan, I have ideas. I've been working on my resume; I even went to a free how to write a resume seminar that Fleet and Family holds for military member's and their spouses/retirees. I'm constantly perusing the job websites. I've signed up for so many I can't remember half of them o.o. Careerbuilder, Monster, SnagaJob, SanAntonioJobs.com, as well as a couple of city employment sites for New Braunfels, San Antonio, and even Santa Fe. I know most companies will not hire this far out (10 months) but I am certain that if I at least try and put my name out there someone will bite. Naval experience I'm told means jack in the civilian world as does an associates which I will have by the end of this year. Everyone thinks I can't do it; I'm making a grave mistake blah blah healthcare blah blah. Well my husband is reserves and will be putting our family on the tricare reserves plan so that is taken care of. All we need to do is find jobs and enroll in college. I'm going online right now but the GI Bill stipulates physical attendance of at least one class in an actual classroom. I'll have my associates so I plan on enrolling for my Bach's. The GI Bill PAYS my tuition AND gives me living money. It's not a lot (around 1200) but it helps. I just feel the more people tell me I can't the more I want to prove I can but the other half of me is saying to myself 'omg what did you do? What are you going to do? You're not smart enough, you don't have enough experience or college for today's economy" UGH

I just feel so crappy right now.

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