Friday, August 5, 2011

Making Moolah

These days money is tight. So tight in fact being able to put gas in my mini van is a concern. I keep going through all the bills and misc things we spend on thinking what we can cut back on. I started up a free website about selling handmade soaps. Yep, I sell handmade soaps I have not been advertising enough so no business yet but at least I haven't bought a lot of materials. I need to finish making the business cards and throw them around random places at work and local businesses who allow people to leave business cards near the magazines.

I need to start knitting again and advertising to those I work with about scarves, hats and gloves. For my peace of mind I should start up again as well. Need to finish the DH's hat and start my hat I've been drooling at for the last 2 years. I'm a huge procrastinator about knitting projects. I still have one fingerless mitt to finish up for my one friend. Time to start getting my butt on these crafts.

And writing. I miss writing. I feel like I have too many hobbies sometimes. Could one ever have too many hobbies? I guess when they start to interfer with eachother and you cannot get one single hobby done it's a bad sign lol.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


College is going...well it's just going. Math is not kicking my butt yet but it's only the second week of class so who knows. Hubby leaves for his Annual Training tomorrow morning. Two and a half weeks of just me and the lil guy. I've been spoiled not being away from him for very long or at all the whole marriage. I don't want to whine and complain too much for all those I know whose spouses are constantly leaving or constantly away. I'll just have to focus on my son, my schoolwork and get some knitting out of the way. I'll probably clean alot too lol. House is going to be spotless I'll be so bored.

Which reminds me, my dog desperately needs a bath. Clothes need to be followed and stuck somewhere neat until we get a new bedroom set. (Whenever that will be).

Haven't been writing at all. I know I need to but right now I have a lot of things on my plate with my son, work, two college classes, I'm working on my side soap-making business. I'm just simply too busy. Though I know someone will say  "But you are writing right now" haha. Yeah yeah, I need to squeeze a few words in.

Need to start actively job hunting again. Not looking forward to the tedious questionnaires and the same information inputed in every application. I need to finish my resume so I can start sending it out.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Life right now is, full, to say in the least. I feel like lately my schedule has been booked to the max and I'm scrambling to fit everything in. I truely feel as if there are not enough hours in the day right now. I'm working full time at a job I am completely and utterly miserable at 8 1/2 hours a day plus duty days once a week. I'm going to college at night to finish my associates degree before I leave federal service in Feb 2012. I'm 5 classes away and attempting to squeeze them all in on my military Tuition Assistance so I will be ready to pursue my bachelors next summer. My son is damn near about to walk; he's crawling all over the place faster than I can blink. I'm chasing him around while pregnant again ( Yes I realize it's insane but what can I say shit happens) I'm trying to work on my resume and find a job in Texas so I can have money while I'm going to night school using my GI Bill, just all sorts of other crap going on.

Haven't written much lately; Just got back from a 2 week vaca to Oregon to visit the Rents and let them see their first grandson. I need to jump back on it and get this novel finished.

Anything going on with you guys? I feel so out of touch.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mistake? Time will tell.

Earlier I put in my intent to separate from the military at the end of my contract. Almost everyone I have talked to thinks I am absolutely crazy. They all assume ( and we all know what they say about assuming) I'm getting out with no plans, no direction just " bye military see you later what am I going to do for money? Oh I don't know something".  I have a plan, I have ideas. I've been working on my resume; I even went to a free how to write a resume seminar that Fleet and Family holds for military member's and their spouses/retirees. I'm constantly perusing the job websites. I've signed up for so many I can't remember half of them o.o. Careerbuilder, Monster, SnagaJob,, as well as a couple of city employment sites for New Braunfels, San Antonio, and even Santa Fe. I know most companies will not hire this far out (10 months) but I am certain that if I at least try and put my name out there someone will bite. Naval experience I'm told means jack in the civilian world as does an associates which I will have by the end of this year. Everyone thinks I can't do it; I'm making a grave mistake blah blah healthcare blah blah. Well my husband is reserves and will be putting our family on the tricare reserves plan so that is taken care of. All we need to do is find jobs and enroll in college. I'm going online right now but the GI Bill stipulates physical attendance of at least one class in an actual classroom. I'll have my associates so I plan on enrolling for my Bach's. The GI Bill PAYS my tuition AND gives me living money. It's not a lot (around 1200) but it helps. I just feel the more people tell me I can't the more I want to prove I can but the other half of me is saying to myself 'omg what did you do? What are you going to do? You're not smart enough, you don't have enough experience or college for today's economy" UGH

I just feel so crappy right now.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bye Bye Beautiful

Why am I so ADD with my writing? I can never stick to one story for very long before getting severe writer's block or writer's boredom. That's when I switch to one of my other stories for my own sanity. If I would just stick with the story I'd have this thing finished by now. :/ It's quite sad. All the time I spend working on 3 different stories I could use be done with one.

Any suggestions?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Story is coming along slowly but surely. I haven't been working on it everyday but I try to work on it at least once a week.

 I mean, I have family obligations, full time job ect so I do my best. I'm going back to school May 2nd and I'm super excited. I only have a few classes left until I complete my Associates! :) Also I finally gave into my curiousity and purchased The Sims 3. I'm half afraid what little life I DO have will now be consumed by a virtual one but we will see :) I heard so mich about it for years so I'm finally going to try it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My novel!

Life has kept me very busy lately! But never fear! I have been working on my novel. I posted the first little chapters on if you're on there. I'm typing away as much as I can in-between my job at work. Here is the basic summary:

"A witch performs her coming of age ceremony and ends up with way more than she bargained for
Coming of Age Witch Amy has to summon her very first familiar to become an adult member of her mother's coven. What she gets instead is something way in left field and she's scrambling to convince her mother and the rest of the coven she doesn't practice black magic and find a way to free her familiar"

I've written maybe 4 chapters altogether and I don't expect it to be anywhere near completion this year but I guess we will have to see. :) I'm pretty excited about it but I don't want to let my head grow until it's done (haha)

Any opinions/critiques on the summary?