Friday, August 5, 2011

Making Moolah

These days money is tight. So tight in fact being able to put gas in my mini van is a concern. I keep going through all the bills and misc things we spend on thinking what we can cut back on. I started up a free website about selling handmade soaps. Yep, I sell handmade soaps I have not been advertising enough so no business yet but at least I haven't bought a lot of materials. I need to finish making the business cards and throw them around random places at work and local businesses who allow people to leave business cards near the magazines.

I need to start knitting again and advertising to those I work with about scarves, hats and gloves. For my peace of mind I should start up again as well. Need to finish the DH's hat and start my hat I've been drooling at for the last 2 years. I'm a huge procrastinator about knitting projects. I still have one fingerless mitt to finish up for my one friend. Time to start getting my butt on these crafts.

And writing. I miss writing. I feel like I have too many hobbies sometimes. Could one ever have too many hobbies? I guess when they start to interfer with eachother and you cannot get one single hobby done it's a bad sign lol.


  1. Yeah there definitely is such a thing as too many hobbies. I suffer from it too.

    I hardly ever draw or paint because I don't have time when I'm writing and singing etc.


  2. Yeah I think I should calm down and stick to one or two for now. I feel like I will never be good at anything because I never spend long enough on something. :(