Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back to school, back to school,to show my Dad I'm not a fool...

Super excited for tax season! Tax season = I can pay back that one class I didn't pass (>.> Don't judge me. Take it from me guys DON'T take a foreign language online. Ever. It's just not a good result unless you have taken some background class in that language) But I digress, the faster I pay it back the faster I go back to school. I'm transferring out of TCC and switching to AMU. They take more SMART transcripts, (well compared to TCC they take SMART in general stupid TCC) military friendly in terms of schedule, duty and last minute deployments, generally nicer already from the get go; they have been extremely helpful in the application process and all the various forms I have to fill out and fax. The more of my SMART this school takes the faster I get my associates. I have about 17 give or take one in SMART and 24 in TCC. That's 41 (give or take) 2/3's through! Hurry up AMU and evaluate my transfer credit! AHHHH. Call it nerdy, but I can't wait to go back to school. Weird considering when I'm attending online school I'm like "rawr I hate you class too much work why did I come back I am never taking another college class in my life". I say that EVERY semester. Then I go back :(. What's wrong with me?

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