Monday, December 13, 2010

Party all the time...

In school I always hated outlining. Outlining was a pain. A waste of my time. I "pants'd" my nanowrimo novel this year and learned it's not easy. At all. I spent almost everyday on this one thread that thrived in negative reinforcement which you would think "hey that's not very fun" but I assure you it was. Instead of "You can do this!" and "Keep up the pace!" I got " You only wrote 600 words?! My grandmother can write more than that in an hour your pathetic" lol. I guess I have a sick sense of humor. It was all in good fun no one on the thread truly meant anything by it. It was more a means of making the other writers angry in the "Oh yeah watch this" as they crazily tapped away at their keyboards to the point of mental exhaustion. There were days I wanted to chuck my entire laptop out on the porch but I pushed on through the crap. I learned a lot about myself and writing, my will. I started outlining my newest novel idea to give myself a break from my November novel. It's just too much to think about at the moment so I am putting that on the temporary back burner until the new year. The method I'm using so far is working for me so I'd like to share it. It's called "The Snowflake Effect"

You may already know about it, but I've just discovered it. Really helps get all the idea junk in my head organized.

Try it. You never know what random method will work :)

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