Monday, January 17, 2011

I have been in a very crafty mood all weekend long. Talking "shop" about knitting, sewing, jewelry making with Ashley P.has got me all excited about making things. I stopped for a while, reading, writing, general laziness due to pregnancy all last year (literally ALL of last year long story).  I am still going to write, that it my main focus but when I get writer's block I'll take up my circulars, knit a bit to clear my head and get back to the keyboard..

Here is a picture of the scarf I started for the DH:

The DH and I had a grown up sleep over. That sounds...odd. But it's not. Her and I made bracelets, knit, played with my son while the men played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Rock Band 3 all night long. Literally. I think I went to bed somewhere around 3am. o.o

I need to crack down on my writing, I need to get it down whether I like it or not and just edit it later. Any tips other than "find motivation deep within yourself"? Some say it's easier to hurry hurry hurry to finish it pushing violently past all writer barriers, blocks, walls then edit later. Other insist on research, working a little each day. I'm not sure what "type" I am if you can even classify yourself as a "type" Any experiences? What worked for you?

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